Help Program Summer Reflection

By Calvin Myazoe
Outreach Coordinator, Pacific Students Media Team
Hilo, Hawaii

Throughout the summer, I was given the opportunity to continue working for the Pacific Students Media Team as an Outreach Coordinator and video producer. As an Outreach Coordinator, my job is to touch base mainly with the local community. One in particular is the Micronesian United-Big Island (MU-BI) organization – a nonprofit government organization formed “To empower Micronesians for greater Self-Reliance, and to Educate Micronesians and the Larger Community about their Respective Cultures, Rights, and Responsibilities.” Together, we tell stories of Micronesians on islands or abroad. This is where producing videos comes in place. Read more

Not All Experience is Enjoyable

By Akuila Smau
Intern, US Forestry Service
Hilo, Hawaii

I never thought I would tell an experience like this, however, everyone has time for something, whether it is good or bad, engaging or unexciting. All opportunities leave with us a moral that would either benefit us or suffer us. There are many topics and areas in the environmental field that are seemingly interesting. This makes it hard for me to ponder and decide on a particular one as my main focus of study and research. This past summer, I had the opportunity to work at the Forest Service here in Hilo as a HELPer to learn about and engage in forest restoration ecology. Read more

My Third Experience in Summer Bridge Program

By Akuila Smau
Resident Assistant, Summer Bridge Program 2014
Hilo, Hawaii

This past summer I had the opportunity to work with the Pacific Islander Summer Bridge Program as a HELPer who assisted Summer Bridge participants. I worked as a resident assistant so I was mostly dealing and helping with residential related situations and scenarios. I truly appreciated this job offer because it gave me the opportunity to socialize with the students and to motivate them during the entire program. Furthermore, I was one of the very first Summer Bridge participants, and last year I was one of the program assistants. My consecutive experience with this program has been pleasant and successful. Read more

Challenges Make You Stronger

By Axel J.Defngin
Team Leader & Project Manager / Resident Assistant – Pacific Islander Summer Bridge Program
Pacific Students Media / Pacific Islander Student Center
Hilo, Hawaii

Over the course of the summer, I had the pleasure of continuing my work as Team Leader & Project Manager of Pacific Students Media. Though this continued the same way during the Spring 2014 semester, one major difference was that our Advisor, Vidalino Raatior, was to be away at UH Manoa for much of the time. Our work consisted of “What’s Our Story?” video interviews, finding events to shoot and continuing management of PSM’s social networking pages and website but this time around, we had to map out the whole summer before-hand for our team’s producers. Not to mention that when August rolled around, I had to not only work with PSM but to also work as Resident Assistant in the Pacific Islander Summer Bridge Program. Read more

Applying New Developed Skills to Reality

By Dilrae Ucherriang Mechol
Internal Control Trainee
Palau Community Action Agency, Republic of Palau

The overall experience of Highly Engaged Learning Position (HELP) was very beneficial. Not only did I gain experience academically, socially, but personally as well. In the course of this program, I faced challenges that I have not encountered in any workplace which have helped me grow as a student and as a human being.

Academically, I have gained so much skills that I am able to apply in my business classes as well as in my writing classes. Those skills include writing memos, enforcing company’s rules and regulation, and being able to meet deadlines. Also, one of the things that I learned that I think impacted me the most was thinking critically. My supervisor had put me in the spot once or twice just to check if I am “thinking”. I failed the first time but I got the hang of what she was doing. Even though at times I made mistakes my supervisor never forgot to acknowledge my efforts. It is through her odd teachings, I also learned how to communicate effectively. I was able to present my ideas, concerns, suggestions, and personal feelings properly. Lastly, it is her unique ways that enables a trainee to be passionate in everything he or she does. Read more

The Path to Leadership is Through SERVICE

By June Fuifatu
Archaeology Technician at the ASPA-Archaeology Lab
American Samoa

Taking on this job through HELP was one of the best experience and highlights of my summer while in American Samoa. I have acquire some skills that are useful when being in a career service. Most importantly, I have learned what leadership is all about and what a leader needs to acquire to have a good leadership whether in the workforce, church, or the community. The three main aspects of a good leader/leadership I have learned that a leader should acquire are: service, communication and cooperation. Read more

HELPing Students Based On My Experience and Knowledge

By Jacob Kom
Program Assistant, Summer Bridge Program 2014
Hilo, Hawaii

The Pacific Islander Summer Bridge Program is a very helpful program designed to help recently graduated high school students and community college transfers with their transition into the University of Hawaii at Hilo. I was a participant in the Summer Bridge of 2013 and I knew firsthand what it was like to be a recent graduate attending UH Hilo for the first time. So I joined the HELP program as a Program Assistant for Summer Bridge 2014 because I knew it was going to be a great experience. I also wanted to help the students who were in the same position that I was in the previous year. The program had its difficulties for natural reasons, nonetheless the staff team and I put our efforts together to fulfill the purpose of the program. Read more

The Bonds of Camping

By Ipolani Kebekol
Monitor/Evaluator, Ebiil Camp
Ebiil Society Inc., Palau

Aloha! My name is Ipolani Kebekol and I am from the beautiful Island of Palau. During the summer I went back home to work under HELP with the Ebiil Society Inc. I was hired as the Monitor/Evaluator for this job. It is through this Highly Engaged Learning Position, I was able to learn, experience, and build my knowledge about this specific job.

I loved my job position because it was a job that was kind of new to me; moreover, I learned so much from it every day when I went to work. I had a great time working both outside and inside of the office. I preferred more of outside work because it was fun and I had chance to experience first-hand work in the environment. Read more

A New Perspective of an Upcoming Entrepreneur

By Chris Yamada
Intern, Federated States of Micronesia Development Bank 
Pohnpei, FSM

For two months and a couple of weeks, I got the opportunity of working for the Federated States of Micronesia Development Bank (FSMDB) under the HELP program in the summer. With the relevant classes I took at UHH, including some Finance and Economic classes from the College of Micronesia (COM), I had a brief understanding of how a bank functions and the finances involved in banking. With no experience working in the workforce before, I could recall going into the bank the first day panicking. With the kind help of Human Resources and Facilities Manager (HR), Lover Haimin, I was settled in working alongside Senior Vice President (SVP) Ignacio Stephens and Loan Analysts Rendy Abraham and Augustine Loyola. Read more

No Such Thing as Easy Work

By Ellamanicia Umu
Intern, American Samoa Telecommunication Authority
American Samoa

I am very grateful for the opportunity I had to be an intern for American Samoa Telecommunication Authority (ASTCA). The last few weeks was busy and I was able to learn a lot of things from the marketing team. We were given a task to work on and there were due dates for each task. Although it was hard, I managed to finish my task on time with the help from the team. This has taught me the importance of working as a team. Last week was the RIP Current Awareness Week and it was week of preparation for our Graduation Promotion. Read more