HELP Wanted: Chuuk NCD Outreach Assistant

The mission of the Chuuk State Department of Health Services is to promote, prevent, protects the health of all people of Chuuk State in partnership with communities we Serve. The non-communicable disease (NCD) outreach project is one of the output/goal for Primary Health care and Public Health Division. Chuuk State declared state of emergency due to NCD’s like Diabetes, Hypertension, and others in 2013. One of the goal is to improve outreach activities to the rural communities includes health awareness, screening and referrals to public health center for appropriate interventions.

The proposed HELP position will assist the project by observing, implementing and recording all the plan outreach activities and generate data for a write up outcome and recommendations.

HELP Wanted: Web Development Assistant

The mission of the College of the Marshall Islands (CMI) is to provide quality, student-centered educational services to Marshallese people who desire access to a postsecondary education. As a community college we provide access to students from a wide variety of educational backgrounds and help them acquire the skills necessary to succeed in higher education, work, and in life. As part of the larger Pacific community we provide selective higher education programming to regional audiences. As the national college of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, the College serves as a research and intellectual resource to the nation and prepares students in our island nation to succeed in a global community.

CMI is looking for a qualified HELPer to serve as a Web Development Assistant to engage in the development of web applications and website for the College of the Marshall Islands.

HELP Wanted: Study Abroad Advisor

CGEE - photoThe Center for Global Education and Exchange (CGE&E) is looking for a qualified Pacific Islander student to serve as a Study Abroad Advisor.

CGE&E was created to expand the global reach of the UH Hilo community (students, faculty and staff) by advocating for and enriching the campus through international education programs. By providing quality study abroad and student exchange choices the center fosters the development of the student’s global perspective.

HELP Wanted: Agriculture & Quarantine Trainees in Majuro

The Ministry of Resources & Development is responsible for promoting and assisting the development of the agriculture, energy, trade and investment sectors, through activities which foster sustainable food production, provide alternative energy resources and income generating opportunities for the people of the Marshall Islands.

The Office of Agriculture & Quarantine has two HELP positions for qualified Marshallese students at UH Hilo to serve as Quarantine and Pest Management Trainees.  If interested, click on the two positions below.

HELP Wanted: Coral Reef Ecologist Trainees

The Conservation Society of Pohnpei (CSP) was founded in 1998 by a group of concerned citizens and is the premier conservation organization in the Federated States of Micronesia. CSP aims to increase community involvement in the conservation and management of Pohnpei’s natural resources; to build local capacity through public and private partnerships; to develop alternatives to unsustainable practices; and to promote law and policies that support these objectives.

CSP is looking for 1-3 qualified UH Hilo HELPers to assist the staff and scientists in the process of data collection, reporting, and educating communities throughout the island. This project is based on coral reef biophysical monitoring at multiple sites throughout reef ecosystems of Pohnpei, Micronesia.

HELP Wanted: Territorial Energy Office Program Assistant

The mission of the Territorial Energy Office in American Samoa is to lessen the reliance on fossil fuels and reduce the importation of petroleum products through utilizing and promoting renewable energy resources and energy conservation. Public education is very important and energy conservation and renewable energy is still new to the territory. To meet that goal, the Territorial Energy Office is seeking a qualified Pacific Islander student at UH Hilo to help create public awareness brochures and other educational material in Samoan and English and conduct client education during intake and home assessments.

HELP Wanted: Bluesky Marketing Trainee

Bluesky Communications, a technological solutions provider in American Samoa, Samoa, New Zealand and Cook Islands is currently offering a HELP position to eligible and qualified Pacific Islander students from UH Hilo. Join the Bluesky team and be part of a growing company where employees have a chance to do exciting work and make a difference!

1) Send HELP Student Application and resume via email to Vidalino Raatior ( at the Pacific Islander Student Center no later than May 3, 2016
2) Initial screening & RCUH paperwork – to be determined by Vidalino Raatior
3) Phone or skype interviews with Blue Sky: Week of May 16th or May 23rd
4) Final selection: by May 27th
5) Finalists will work with Vidalino Raatior for final job verification and payroll paperwork at RCUH

HELP Wanted: Behavioral Analyst

Women United Together Marshall Islands (WUTMI) serves as the voice of women in the Marshall Islands. The primary goal is to support and strengthen Marshallese women, and in so doing, to strengthen Marshallese families. WUTMI seeks to encourage and ensure activities that preserve and strengthen the values of traditional Marshallese culture as well as addressing the realities of modern life in the islands. The current area of focus is to prepare younger generation of women to take their role in society as healthy mothers, educators, health professionals, leaders and businesswomen.

WUTMI is seeking a qualified Marshallese-speaking HELPer to serve as a Behavioral Analyst for WUTMiʻs clients. The HELP project provides a meaningful educational experience for a college student to gain valuable experience in their field of study while accomplishing tasks and completing projects in an enriching environment. The HELPer will gain opportunities which include interactions with WUTMI associates and clients, variety of activities to support learning objectives in cognitive, emotional, and social processes and human behavior by observing, interpreting, and recording how people relate to one another and their environments.

HELP Wanted – Palau Hospital Seeks Nursing Assistant

The mission of the Palau Ministry of Health is “to provide comprehensive, accessible healthcare services for our patients and community while the mission of the Bureau of Nursing is to serve with diligence, compassion, and deliver high quality nursing care and services based on standards of practice that are acceptable to the people of Palau.” The Bureau of Nursing at the Belau National Hospital is seeking a qualified Palauan-speaking pre-nursing or nursing student from UH Hilo to participate in the first HELP placement at the hospital. The HELPer will “work closely with nursing supervisors and staffs in different areas of nursing to gain knowledge and skills to broaden and enhance learning of Nursing Profession in Palau.”

HELP Wanted: IT Student Assistant

The Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) department at UH Hilo strives for excellence in preparing students for purposeful work, lifelong learning and proactive approach in the ever changing information age. CSE is hiring up to 4 qualified Pacific Islander students to assist the department in achieving its goals and vision. Tasks will involve assisting in setting up computer labs, office day to day tasks, assisting in setting up workstations, assist in general computer lab maintenance.

HELP Wanted: Community Liaison Specialist

The American Samoa Government (ASG) Office in Honolulu, HI aims to provide competitive workforce to meet the needs of the Samoan community in Hawaii. Services include educational resources, office skills training and work experience to succeed in today’s work environment, shadow media technicians with outreach program in the community. The office is seeking up to two (2) qualified Samoan students from UH Hilo to assist the ASG office staff on their ongoing project with community outreach in the office as well as on-site community visits.

HELP Wanted: Marine Ecology Trainee

The National Park of American Samoa was established in 1988 to preserve and protect coral reefs, tropical rainforests, fruit bats, and the Samoan culture. The Marine Ecology Division is responsible for managing the marine resources in park waters, with recent projects that include Crown of Thorn starfish control efforts, inventory and monitor park marine resources, giant clam surveys, and the current project on fish movements. This division is looking for two (2) qualified HELPers to help investigate the movement patterns and home range of reef fish species that are caught for local consumption (approximately 12 species) in American Samoa. These species range from the endangered humphead wrasse to commonly fished parrotfish, groupers, and snappers.

HELP Wanted: PREL Summer Interns

PRELOahu-based Pacific Resources for Education and Learning (PREL), an independent nonprofit organization that serves the Pacific community with educational programs and services, is seeking 2 qualified Pacific Islander students for the following HELP positions. Please click on each position to view the full job description.

While PREL has offices in Hawaii, Guam, Kosrae, Pohnpei, Palau, Majuro, and Yap, these internships are all based at the main office at 1136 Union Mall, PH-1A, Honolulu, HI 96813.

HELP Wanted: Weight Room Manager / Cross Fit Supervisor

SLC - front pageThe Campus Recreation Department at UH Hilo constantly recruits students, faculty and staff to participate in fitness and wellness at the Student Life Center (SLC). This HELP position will develop the necessary skills for the HELPer in the physical fitness area and learn to assist if needed, on ‘how to’ use the exercise equipment. The HELPer will learn how to keep track of preventive maintenance on all weight machines as well as all cardio equipment (elipticals, treadmills and upright and recumbent bikes).

HELP Wanted: Music Library Student Assistant

The Performing Arts Department of UH Hilo serves the university and the community with musical, dance, and drama performances and classes. Prof. Amy Horst, Director of the Choral Program, is hiring a qualified Pacific Islander to assist the department organize and manage their Music Library. Tasks include sorting and shelving music in the Music Library; sorting and storing music no longer in use; cataloging and shelving music that has been physically inaccessible, using an Excel/Google Docs cataloging system already in place, as well as the shelves that will be emptied when the old music is removed for storage; and assisting the Director of Choral Activities (Amy Horst) in other organizational duties within the Music Library as needed/requested

HELP Wanted: Pacific Students Media Team – Producers

PSM-logoThe Pacific Islander Student Center is hiring qualified Pacific Islander students to join the Pacific Students Media (PSM) as independent producers. PSM is a student-run digital storytelling project of the Pacific Islander Student Center aimed at combating misinformation and stereotypes about Pacific Islanders in Hawaii by telling the real stories of our people through videos, print, and website. Our motto, “Uniting Our Voices, Sharing Our Stories!” speaks to the goal of bringing together the uniqueness of our various Pacific Islander languages, cultures, traditions into one united voice.

HELP Wanted: ALEX Reporter

ALEX-logoThe Office of Applied Learning Experiences (ALEX) which aims to maximize the breadth and depth of real world experiences for UH Hilo students is seeking a qualified Pacific Islander students to serve as student reporters. The ALEX Reporter takes the initiative to search out and write up stories from around campus and beyond, and brings them back to be published on the ALEX website and sent out via social media. It’s a great opportunity to work as part of a team, learn to write quickly and concisely, and make contacts around campus and in the community.

HELP Wanted: Marine Science Lab Assistant

The UHH Marine Science department needs a Pacific Islander marine science major to work in their lab as a lab assistant. Paid by the HELP program, the HELPer will assist with the laboratory prep, maintenance and basic needs of marine science courses. The department provides students with a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of the importance of marine ecosystems to the global environment and human life. For more information about the department, visit:

HELP Wanted: NSE – Student Assistant

UH Hilo’s National Student Exchange (NSE) office needs a qualified Pacific Islander student to serve as a Student Assistant “to help with answering emails, manage student files for both incoming and outgoing students, advise outgoing student on the NSE application process, advise incoming students on their question and concerns regarding UH Hilo and assist with event planning for the office.”

HELP Wanted: Loan Technician Trainee

USDA Rural Development offer loans, grants and loan guarantees to support essential rural community services such as housing, economic development, health care, first responder services and equipment, and water, electric and communications infrastructure. The Hilo-based office of the USDA Rural Development seeks 1-3 qualified Pacific Islander students to serve as Loan Technician Trainees for their community and business programs.

Forming New Relations – Summer Bridge Program 2015

Jacob Kom
Resident Assistant, Summer Bridge 2015
Hilo, Hawaii

Over the summer, I had the opportunity to work for the 2015 Summer Bridge Program as a Resident Assistant for the program’s participants. I have been part of the program for quite some time. I was a summer bridge participant in 2013. From then, I got the opportunity to be a part of the program for two consecutive summers as a Program Assistant for the 2014 Summer Bridge Program, and as a Resident Assistant this past summer. My whole experience with the program has always been great and I really enjoyed it.  Read more

Pro bono Work in Palau

Paige Blelas
Legal Service Assistant, Micronesian Legal Services Corporation
Koror, Palau

The Micronesian Legal Services Corporation is a non-profit organization that provides low-income individuals with free legal assistance in civil matters. It has offices all over Micronesia, the CNMI, and Guam. These offices strive to treat all people fairly and respectfully, not depending on the amount of money you have. As I was working as an assistant at the MLSC, I was able to gain the experience and the joy of helping others in need. Even though it was only for a short period of time, I am beyond grateful that I was able to be a part of something so significant. I had the chance to help people save their homes, their marriages, their families, and many more. These are only the few of many services that MLSC has to offer. Assisting the MLSC office has given me a new perspective in life as to being more appreciative of the little things in life to which we often take for granted.  Read more

An Attempt to Prosper

Danielle Worswick
Accountant Trainee, FSM Development Bank (FSMDB)
Pohnpei, FSM

It is only by effort and what you are willing to challenge upon yourself that will shape reality to enforce your potential skills. I entered the FSM Development Bank with nervous feelings spiraled within myself and doubts of whether I am capable for this particular job. I was aware that with my limited set of skills, I won’t be able to keep up with the work that was given to me, but I was mistaken. I got to learn essential tools that I believe will be the beginning of my journey. I develop a more understanding of the accounting world through this experience as an Accountant Trainee under the HELP program.   Read more

Applying Knowledge & Theories to Reality

Janet N. Charley
Helper, Federated States of Micronesia Development Bank (FSMDB)
Pohnpei, FSM

Throughout the summer, I was given the opportunity to work for the Federated States of Micronesia Development Bank (FSMDB) under the HELP program. FSMDB has branch offices in each of the 4 states (Pohnpei, Kosrea, Yap, and Chuuk) and Pohnpei as their primary headquarter. I applied to this Highly Engaged Learning Position (HELP) to develop my skills and experience in the banking business. With relevant classes I took at UH Hilo, I had but limited knowledge of how banking business works or functions. Working with the FSMDB has taught me a lot within these past two months. Our mission is helping promote the growth of micro, small, and medium enterprises in the FSM and to support the businesses in achieving efficiency in their operations. First time stepping in their office got me all tensed because of not knowing what to do. But thanks to Mr. Lover Haimin and all the staffs I settled in as soon as I got there.    Read more

Experience is the Only Source of Knowledge

Tearina G. Asiata
Office Assistant; Criminal Justice Planning Agency
Utulei, American Samoa

This past summer, I was offered a HELP placement at the Criminal Justice Planning Agency in my hometown of Utulei in American Samoa. For a total of ten weeks, I worked five days a week for an average of 20 hours. The main objective of this agency is to provide grants for the implementation of crime prevention strategies and also to advise the governor in developing policies, plans, programs and budgets for the purpose of improving, administering and fulfilling the local Criminal Justice System. I, along with three other interns were introduced to the drafting of federal grants during our second week in office. It was indeed challenging, but the professionals were able to include a little bit of fun in getting the job done. Part of completing the process required the extraction of information or data from various departments that integrate with the Criminal Justice Agency. We had to ensure that the information being released to us or from us is remained confidential. Read more

What Seemed Like a Vacation, Was Really My Everyday Job

Natasha Ripley
Researcher Assistant, National Parks Service
American Samoa

It’s not normal having to know someone who loves waking up every day and looking forward for work. Well, now you do know, and that someone is me! Interning with the National Parks Service of American Samoa for the past three months has been amazing. What seemed like a vacation was really my everyday job. Throughout this summer I have learned so much, made new friends, and met old ones.   Read more